Home on the Web: A Domain of One's Own at Grinnell College

A Grinnell College Learning Community
Grinnellians at a Digital Liberal Arts Fair engaging in conversation

“Home on the Web: Using Web Domains and Sites for Teaching, Scholarship, and Professional Development” is a 2021 summer workshop that will gather faculty and staff the week of August 2nd for conversation and hands-on implementation around building a personal web domain to support teaching, learning, and scholarship, create digital presence, enhance professional identity, and increase networking opportunities. Participants will explore these possibilities with a web domain hosted on the http://sites.grinnell.edu platform and with web publishing platforms such as WordPress and other digital publishing tools.

The workshop is designed for collaboration among existing domain users as well as faculty/staff who are new to hosted web space. Our hope is to create an ongoing learning community for developing imaginative ideas and practices to build digital and web literacies for teaching, learning, and professional development. The workshop may invite external presenters and provide reading materials for participants.

Workshop leaders are Mo Pelzel, Director of Academic Technology, and Tierney Steelberg, Digital Liberal Arts Specialist. We will gather synchronously via Webex from 9-12 each morning from Monday, August 2 to Thursday, August 5, and also connect via asynchronous opportunities.

Learning Goals for the Workshop*

  • Cultivate digital space(s) to publish, curate, and share scholarship online. Connect with other scholars, build digital scholarly presence, and present forms of work free of constraints placed by proprietary publishers (e.g., paywalls). This might include, among other things, blogging about one’s work in its early or emergent stages, posting published articles and conference presentations, or curating an online exhibit.
  • Create possibilities for students to engage in a variety of digital practices including (but not limited to) blogging, reflecting on their learning in an e-portfolio, multimodal composition, image and video production, digital mapping, curating content related to research within a course.
  • Contribute meaningfully to a supportive culture of digital learning that values inclusion, inquiry, and imagination and that empowers faculty and student agency, authorship, and voice.
  • Inspire projects that foster awareness and the critical digital literacies necessary to exercise a greater degree of agency over our learning, control of our data, and ownership of our digital presence and identity online.

*with thanks to our friends at Muhlenberg College for sharing their inspiration and workshop design.