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Workshop reflections

What do you feel are the most important things you’ve learned this week about domains and the web?

Hands on experience and some case studies, how they have been used in the past in the classroom and as a vehicle for sharing and exhibiting scholarship.

What do you think you will return to once this workshop end?

The resources we have compiled (workshop website among other items).

What are your next steps for your domain, and for your work with domains (professionally, pedagogically, in terms of your research…)? How do you envision continuing the work of this workshop to build an ongoing Domains community at Grinnell? What can we do to help make this happen? How would you like to include colleagues across the college?

I hope to roll out WordPress activities in class this academic year. I also am considering using what I have learned this week to build more of a “professional” presence on the web.

With regards to building a community here at Grinnell, I think that having the opportunity to gather in the future will help maintain a community, as well as having a place on the web to compile information.  I also think that sharing very specific cases (lesson plans, “live” examples, etc) can help the community grow and open the door for others to engage with these tools.

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